Welcome to Lee’s masterclass on the book of Ephesians. Throughout this course, you will rise to the next level of your understanding as Lee dives into his favourite book of the New Testament. Lee will take you through ancient contexts, communication to the church, theological concepts, how right theology translates to right living, and ancient truths translating to today.  It is our prayer that this masterclass would further your journey of biblical discovery and learning.


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    Master Class

    • 1. Introduction to Ephesians

    • 2. In Christ

    • 3. For This Reason

    • 4. You've Been Made Alive

    • 5. Mystery Made Known

    • 6. How To Be Who You Are

    • 7. You, Me & Spirit-filled Living

    • 8. Stand Firm, Then

    • Ephesians: The Empowered Church Workbook

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About Your Lecturer

Executive Vice-President

Lee Burns

In addition to being the Executive Vice President of Hillsong College, Lee frequents the classroom teaching within our Vocational and Degree classes, while studying towards his PhD. As a pastor at Hillsong Church, his passion for the Church far extends beyond the classroom and he’ll also be found throughout the week preaching and discipling Hillsong Church congregations.

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