• What is the difference between the course categories Higher Education and Masterclasses?

    Higher Education subjects are academic-level courses, comprised of subjects from our undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Masterclasses are a devotional style learning option, designed to help you grow spiritually.

  • Are the courses accredited? Will it offer credits?

    Our courses are delivered on-demand without exams or assignments, otherwise known as ‘auditing’, and are therefore not accredited. You will receive a genuine Hillsong College Certificate of Completion once you’ve finished your a subject.

    Hillsong College does offer accredited courses, from Certificate IV in Ministry to Bachelor and Master of Theology, check out hillsong.com/college for more details!

  • Is my purchase refundable?

    HC Masterclasses are non-refundable.

  • Can I download the content to watch offline? 

    HC Masterclasses are not downloadable and can be accessed through our streaming platform upon purchase. Please ensure you have internet access throughout your learning journey.

  • Are there assessments or exams?

    There are no assessments or exams throughout HC Masterclasses.

  • Are there subtitles in different languages?

    All the courses are delivered in standard English, with no subtitles currently available.

  • Do I need prior knowledge of the topics I choose?

    HC Masterclasses are comprised of two categories of courses:
    - Higher Education, subjects from our Bachelor of Theology and Master of Arts (Christian Studies) and,
    - Masterclasses taught at a devotional-level.
    While Higher Education subjects will require a very basic knowledge of the bible, our Masterclass courses are a great choice no matter what your experience with the bible and theology.

  • Is there a minimum age for the courses?

    There is no minimum age requirement to start an HC Masterclass. People under the age of 18 are able to start the courses, however, a Parent or Guardian must sign up on their behalf.