Executive Vice-President

Lee Burns

In addition to being the Executive Vice President of Hillsong College, Lee frequents the classroom teaching within our Vocational and Degree classes, while studying towards his PhD. As a pastor at Hillsong Church, his passion for the Church far extends beyond the classroom and he’ll also be found throughout the week preaching and discipling Hillsong Church congregations.

Academic Dean

Duncan Corby

Duncan has been on staff with Hillsong College for more than two decades. As one of our senior lecturers, he teaches a range of vocational and degree courses, alongside overseeing the academic development, partnerships and excellence of Hillsong College. In addition to the pursuit of his PhD and academic duties, Duncan is highly involved as a Pastor at Hillsong Church.

Principal, Australia

Angela Bachtle

Angela is the principal of Hillsong College Australia. Having nearly three decades of ministry experience and being on staff at Hillsong for 11 years, Angela brings a wealth of practical ministry experience to every class she teaches. Angela and her husband also pastor a Hillsong Church campus in Sydney.

Principal, Online & Higher Education

Christopher Parkes

Chris is the Principal of Hillsong College Online and Higher Education. He has been on Hillsong Church staff for 15 years, currently completing his PhD, and is also one of the Senior Lecturers, teaching both our Vocational and Degree courses. His time is dedicated to lecturing, caring for our students, developing our staff, and innovating the optimal online learning environment.

Vice-Principal, Higher Education (Sydney)

Tracy Barrell

Tracy leads our Higher Education Team in Sydney and is responsible for the day to day running of our degree programs. She is also one of the Senior Lecturers and teachers across our vocational and higher education courses. She is passionate about utilizing her knowledge and breadth of study to educate, disciple, and develop the next generation of church leaders.

Senior Lecturer

Amanda Fergusson

Amanda has been on team at Hillsong Church for over 25 years, both as a Pastor and a Lecturer at Hillsong College. Alongside her husband Robert, Amanda works closely with our church's musicians and songwriters, on both lyrics and theology. She brings a breadth of knowledge from her lifetime of ministry, family, and building The Church to the classroom.

Student Development Manager

Jacob Laidler

Jacob is the Student Development Manager at Hillsong College. Having his Master of Psychology degree, his time is largely spent caring for the mental wellbeing of our student body and coaching individuals to take practical steps towards being the healthiest versions of themselves.

Higher Education Online Vice-Principal

Jared Naidoo

Jared believes in translating the Christian message to current contexts. For him, our social climate is dynamic which means there are skills that need to be learned in order to speak to current trends while holding onto Christian perspectives. Jared, alongside his wife, serves in our weekend Church services and both are passionate about building community.

Program Director for the Bachelor of Theology

Joel Hingston

Joel finds so much joy in helping people better understand biblical concepts. He also appreciates that not everyone wants to venture into the realms of academia. His personal passion for academia stems from the desire to help others interpret the bible in ways that will enrich their faith and life. Joel, alongside his wife and family, serves at our Hills campus in Sydney, Australia and can be found shredding his guitar as a key volunteer in our Creative team.