Welcome to Angela’s master class on Personal Leadership. You’ll find inspiration to grow, be developed, and gain insight on how to live a healthy, overcoming life. Further, you will attain biblical wisdom through Angela’s “7 Pillars of Wise Decision Making” to effectively outwork your Christian walk. Our prayer is that you may be equipped to make choices that enable you to live a life that bears lasting fruit.

Course Overview

  • 1

    Master Class

    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Prayer

    • 3. The Word of God

    • 4. Godly Counsel in the Community

    • 5. Your Heart / Spirit / Gut

    • 6. Your Own Thoughts

    • 7. Life Experience

    • 8. The Leading of the Holy Spirit

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About Your Lecturer

Principal, Australia

Angela Bachtle

Angela is the principal of Hillsong College Australia. Having nearly three decades of ministry experience and being on staff at Hillsong for 11 years, Angela brings a wealth of practical ministry experience to every class she teaches. Angela and her husband also pastor a Hillsong Church campus in Sydney.

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